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Order an examination of project documentation

To submit documents for the purpose of further expert evaluation, it is enough to contact our experts in a convenient way for you using the contacts indicated in the appropriate section of our website.

Download the list of documents in Word format - *.doc

Documentation to be submitted for construction expertise:

To conduct an examination of a construction project in all directions, the construction customer (or the general designer by letter of delegation of authority to pass and receive an expert examination report and pay for it) must provide:

документы на проведение экспертизы проекта

1. Questionnaire of the Customer.

2. Letter of appeal (application) to the director.

3. Register of documents submitted for examination.

4. Copy of the customer's passport (for individuals).

5. Copy of the identification number (for individuals).

6. Copy of the state registration certificate or an extract from the USREOU (Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine).

7. Copy of the USREOU certificate.

8. Copies of a certificate of a VAT payer or a certificate of a single tax payer (if the customer is not a VAT payer, an appropriate letter addressed to the director is provided).

9. Estimate documentation (only a summary estimate - if the construction is carried out at the expense of the investor and the examination of the estimated part of the construction project is optional). Estimated documentation is provided in paper and electronic form (.ims) + summary estimate (.doc).

10. Project documentation, drawn up in accordance with the requirements of state standards, in accordance with DBN 2.2-3-2014 in paper (3 copies) and electronic form (.pdf) in electronic form (.doc) (mandatory !!!). *

11. Certificate from the designer with the definition (calculation) of the class of consequences (responsibility) (mandatory !!!)

12. Copies of the initial data, certified by the construction customer, in accordance with Article 29 of the Law of Ukraine "On the regulation of urban development", DBN A.2.2-3-2014 Appendix A

  • design assignment
  • copy of urban planning conditions and restrictions, certified by the Customer's seal and the signature "copy is correct",
  • copy of the documents for the land plot, certified by the seal of the Customer and the signature "copy is correct" + cadastral plan;
  • copy of the extract from the decision of the session on the name of the object being designed
  • copies of specifications and contracts for engineering supplies.

 For gas and petrol stations the technical conditions of the owner of the road are needed for adjoining the entrance to gas filling points, in accordance with the requirements of clause 10.2 of DSTU N B A.2.2-10: 2012 and DBN A.2.2-3: 2014.

13. Copy of the qualification certificate of the CAP (Chief Project Architect) or CEP (Сhief Project Engineer) and design engineers, certified by the signature and seal of the certificate holder, the order on the appointment of the СAP(CEP).

14. If necessary, a letter of attorney, a copy of the passport and TIN of the person for whom the letter of attorney is issued.

15. Contract for the development of project documentation.

 WHEN reconstruction or overhaul (in addition to the list must be provided):

16. A copy of the technical passport for the facility, if reconstruction is being carried out, certified by the Customer's seal and the signature "correct copy" (if any).

17. A technical report based on the results of an expert examination of the technical condition of an existing building or structure is mandatory in case of reconstruction, overhaul or technical re-equipment.

18. Measurement drawings, information on the sequence of transfer of existing engineering networks and communications is mandatory in case of reconstruction, overhaul or technical reequipment.

19. List of materials and equipment agreed by the construction customer.

All copies must be certified by the inscription "According to the original" and certified by the signature and seal of the responsible person !!!

ATTENTION! Legal documents and project documentation documents that are submitted for examination must be signed and agreed by investors and customers in the prescribed manner

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