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First construction expertise - the whole range of expert services

LLC "First Construction Expertise" carries out a comprehensive examination of construction projects for full control over the correctness of their preparation. Special attention is given to this process, because only experienced experts, , specialists in their field, will be able to identify all possible errors, point out the need to rework project documentation in order to further eliminate violations in the construction process.

We accept only projects that are drawn up in accordance with the requirements of state standards. For examination a contract is concluded. During the expert evaluation the provided package of documents is carefully examined by representatives of our company for the absence of violations. As a result, an expert report is issued to the customer (expert opinion).

Project expertise is a very complex process and requires a lot of experience and professional knowledge. Therefore, we have real masters of construction, whose professionalism is a solid foundation of our development and our competitive advantage in the field of providing construction expert services.

Important information

How the examination of project documentation is carried out

How the examination of project documentation is carried out

Examination of construction projects is carried out in order to determine the quality of design solutions by searching for and identifying deviations from the requirements for the strength, reliability and durability of buildings and structures, their operational safety and engineering support. During the examination the attention is also paid to the issues of...


Features of construction expertise of projects in ukraine

Features of construction expertise of projects in Ukraine

All documents that are being prepared for the start of construction are considered an important factor for the further implementation of work. It depends on them how high-quality and safe the structure will be. The design covers the entire process of construction of the future building...


Expertise of construction projects in ukraine: how to choose an expert company

How to choose an expert company in Ukraine

There are many different design bureaus and freelance designers in Ukraine who carry out their activities with varying degrees of responsibility. This, ultimately, can be reflected in the quality of the construction documentation developed by them...


Stages of the examination of the construction project

Customer appeal

A questionnaire is filled out, in which the initial information is provided

Cost calculation

A preliminary calculation of the cost of the examination is carried out based on the data of the questionnaire

Customer questionnaire

The customer's questionnaire is filled out and sent by e-mail to the address

Submission of documents

Project documentation and other documents are submitted according to the list

Signing the contract

A final commercial offer is formed and a contract is signed for the examination of the construction project

Examination performance

An assessment of the compliance of the construction project with the requirements of legislation, building regulations, standards and rules is carried out

Elimination of deficiencies

In the case of finding deficiencies and comments, the documents are returned to the customer for revision

Expert report

A comprehensive expert opinion is formed. The Act of completed works is signed

Download templates: Order Letter, Customer Questionnaire, List of documents

We are a leading expert company. Every year we conduct:

1 comprehensive examinations
1 examination of estimate documentation
1 sq.m.housing stock
1 sq.m.commercial real estate
1 production facilities
1 we issue expert reports every year

Advantages of cooperation with the first construction expertise

We are working

promptly and in a short time

We act

according to the current legislation

We offer

very attractive cost of services

We guarantee

independence of experts and objectivity of examination

We do not impose

additional services

We do not take

money for consultations and advice


we listen to the client, delving into the problem

We save

the client's time and money

We are always open to productive mutually beneficial cooperation under the sign of social responsibility for the new quality of construction. We welcome all participants in the construction industry of Ukraine to cooperate. We will definitely justify your trust!