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Free consultation on project expertise

This section was created to provide you with an opportunity to send questions and receive answers in the field related to the examination of project documentation.

Issues related to other areas of construction will NOT be considered by our specialists.

Free consultation is provided
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Consultation on construction expertise is provided exclusively on working days from Monday to Friday inclusive. First of all, it will be received by registered users who, when filling out the appropriate form, specify the following information in maximum detail:

  • a detailed description of the essence of the matter
  • detailed contact information of the user asking the question, including contact phone number and email.

Currently, this service is possible only with a small current load of the relevant specialist with the main functionality. Thank you for understanding!

The list of normative documents regarding the construction examination of projects is given in the "Legislation" section

Important information

How the examination of project documentation is carried out

How the examination of project documentation is carried out

Examination of construction projects is carried out in order to determine the quality of design solutions by searching for and identifying deviations from the requirements for the strength, reliability and durability of buildings and structures, their operational safety and engineering support. During the examination the attention is also paid to the issues of...


Features of construction expertise of projects in ukraine

Features of construction expertise of projects in Ukraine

All documents that are being prepared for the start of construction are considered an important factor for the further implementation of work. It depends on them how high-quality and safe the structure will be. The design covers the entire process of construction of the future building...


Expertise of construction projects in ukraine: how to choose an expert company

How to choose an expert company in Ukraine

There are many different design bureaus and freelance designers in Ukraine who carry out their activities with varying degrees of responsibility. This, ultimately, can be reflected in the quality of the construction documentation developed by them...